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Fish Feed Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

Taizy Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of the fish food pellet machine, which has a history of more than ten years. After continuous innovation and upgrading, our machines are very popular in Peru, Ghana, Niger, Angola, Malaysia, Belgium, etc.

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Production Line

Animal feed pellet plant for cattle, chicken feed production

Feed pellet production line is a set of equipment system specially used for processing feed. It includes several processes such as raw material crushing, mixing, pressing, cooling and packaging. The....

Large fish feed processing line for feed pellets making

Fish food pellets are an essential and important feed for the aquaculture process. With the continuous development of the aquaculture industry, the demand for fish food pellets is also increasing.....

Floating fish feed production line

This floating fish feed production line can produce fish food feed of various shapes and various yields. It is suitable for large fish farms, animal feed production plants, etc. The....

Hot Products

Dry type fish feed extruder machine

This fish feed extruder machine is used for the production of fish food pellets by the dry method. It is mainly…

New type fish pellet making machine

This fish pellet making machine is newly designed on the basis of the previous floating fish food making machine. This…

Animal feed pellet machine

Animal feed pellet machine, also called flat die pellet mill, feed pellet mill, is mainly used to produce various kinds…

Dog food making machine | pet food machine

This dog food making machine is used to produce feed for various pets, such as cats, dogs, turtles, parrots, etc.…

Floating fish feed machine for fish pellet making machine

Floating fish feed machine is an important machine to produce the aquatic feed for various fish, shrimp, turtle, also dog…

What Services Offered by Taizy Machinery

Technical Support

Our technicians are available to provide you with professional technical support whenever you need it to ensure that your machines are up and running.

After Sales Service

Taizy company provides a very humane and professional after-sales service, specifically for you to solve the various problems that may arise during the use of the machine after purchase.

Customized Service

As a professional and innovative company, we support customized services. Therefore, we can meet your needs as long as they are reasonable.

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