Fish feed pellet machine for sale

Successful DGP-80 fish feed pellet machine for sale runs in Nepal with small dryer

Recently, a large-scale aquaculture enterprise in Nepal purchased our DGP-80 fish feed pellet machine for sale with a small dryer. The customer is committed to improving feed quality and production....

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Feed pellet maker machine

150kg/h feed pellet maker machine for Congo DR for chicken feed production

A customer from the Democratic Republic of Congo recently purchased a Taizy feed pellet maker machine to meet the needs of the local feed market. He fully recognizes the potential....

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Floating feed making machine

DGP-80 floating feed making machine for Burkina Faso to expand market

In Burkina Faso, a visionary customer decided to go into farming and saw a huge opportunity in the fish pellet market. Fully understanding the needs of the local aquaculture industry,....

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Feed pelletizer machine

Saudi Arabian client chose Taizy feed pelletizer machine again to expand the market

A customer in Saudi Arabia has chosen Taizy feed pelletizer machine again, reflecting his trust in the superior quality of the product. After his first purchase, he experienced the excellent....

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Floating feed extruder machine

Iraqi client chose DGP-70 floating feed extruder machine to realize feed production

A customer in Iraq decided to buy Taizy's floating feed extruder machine with a desire to improve his farming business. He is not only a farmer, but also has a....

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Feed pellet mill machine

Ecuadorian dealer purchases feed pellet mill machine to expand local market

In August 2023, we received an inquiry about the feed pellet mill machine from a dealer from Ecuador. After understanding, the dealer has been operating feed processing equipment in the....

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Floating fish feed extruder machine

Send 40kg/h floating fish feed extruder machine to Congo

Good news from Congo! In 2023, Joseph saw our floating fish feed extruder machine online, he was very satisfied with the performance and price of the machine and decided to....

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Animal pellet feed machine

KL-400 animal pellet feed machine shipped to Bukifarnaso

We successfully concluded cooperation with our client in Bukifarnaso, who purchased from us an aminal pellet feed machine with an hourly capacity of 900-1200 kg of animal pellets. animal pellet....

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Flat die feed pellet mill

2000kg/h flat die feed pellet mill sold to Dominican Republic

A customer in the Dominican Republic, eager to produce high-quality feed for his own animals, recently purchased a flat die feed pellet mill. Knowing the importance of good feed for....

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Seasoning machine and drying machine

The USA client ordered a seasoning machine and pellet drying machine

The American customer, a retired enthusiast, decided to help his hometown's agriculture development with his deep affection for it. He plans to purchase equipment such as the seasoning machine and....

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