We successfully concluded cooperation with our client in Bukifarnaso, who purchased from us an aminal pellet feed machine with an hourly capacity of 900-1200 kg of animal pellets.

Animal pellet feed machine
animal pellet feed machine

Our feed pellet machine can produce cattle feed, chicken feed, rabbit feed, and goat feed, thus popular in livestock farming. That’s why this Burkina Faso customer bought it!

Introduction of the Bukifarnaso client

Bukifarnaso is a landlocked country located in the west of Africa. In recent years, the livestock industry has been developing rapidly and the demand for animal feed has been increasing.

Animal feed pellet mill with the electric motor
animal feed pellet mill with the electric motor

The customer in Bukifarnaso is a livestock farm, mainly raising cattle, sheep, chickens and other livestock. In order to reduce feed costs and improve feed utilization, this customer plans to purchase an animal pellet feed machine to produce animal feed.

Design a solution for this client

We recommended the KL-400 flat die pellet mill according to the customer’s needs. This model has the following characteristics:

  • Wide range of applications: processing all kinds of feedstuffs, such as corn, soybean meal, wood chips, rice husk, etc.
  • High output: 900-1200 kilograms of pellet feed per hour.
  • Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Feedback about the animal pellet feed machine

The customer was very satisfied with our recommendation and placed an order quickly for KL-400 animal pellet feed machine. After the delivery of the feed pellet equipment, the customer tried the equipment and was very satisfied with its performance and operation.

The customer said that after using the animal pellet feed machine, the quality and utilization rate of the feed have been significantly improved, and the cost of feed has been reduced.

Machine list for Bukifarnaso

Pellet mill machinePellet Mill Machine
Model: KL400B
Power: 30kw
Capacity:900-1200 kg/h
Size: 1560*610*1800mm 
Weight: 680kg
Voltage: 380V, 50hz, 3p
With one extra mold
1 pc
feed pellet mill parameters

Notes: Since the customer has its own agent in China, the customer chose to pay in RMB. We communicated with the customer’s agent and completed the payment in a short time.