This fish feed extruder machine is used for the production of fish food pellets by the dry method. It is mainly separated from the wet fish food pellet production area. This dry method of fish food puffing machine directly crushed and mixed raw materials directly puffed into pellets, very convenient and efficient. If you are interested in this kind of machine, come to contact us!

Why use dry puffing instead of wet puffing?

  • Improve the digestive utilization rate of the material. The material is directly made and the utilization rate is increased.
  • Reduce the bacterial content of the material. Because it is an instant high temperature, it can reduce the bacteria to some extent.
Fish feed pellet machine
fish feed pellet machine

Taizy Machinery– the top fish feed extruder machine manufacturer & supplier

  1. Provide the complete machines. Because in Taizy, we not only have the single dry type fish feed pellet machine, but also provide the fish feed production line. You can buy what you need at once, very convenient.
  2. Professional sales staff. Our staff is very familiar with the pet food extruder, they can recommend the most suitable machine base on your demands.
  3. Competitive price. We are integrated with the manufacturing and supplying, so our machine has the price advantages.
  4. After-sales service. Taizy also offers after-sales service to support the customer’s business, smoothly using the machine.

How to purchase Taizy fish feed extruder machine?

When you are interested in buying a fish food pellet mill, you can buy it from our side by following a few steps.

  • Contact us: via WhatsApp or email are available.
  • Arrange a sales manager: We will arrange a professional person to interface with you and introduce the relevant machine information.
  • Place the order: The buyer will determine the details of the machine through communication.
  • Sign the contract: Sign the order contract and determine the payment method and other issues.
  • Production and payment: Pay the deposit and start the machine production; after the production is finished, pay the balance and arrange the delivery.
  • Transportation: After all the above processes are completed, we will pack the machine and it will reach your destination by sea (in general).
Fish feed pellet mill in stock
fish feed pellet mill in stock

Successful case: 100-150kg/h fish feed pellet mill exported to Peru

Our dry-type floating fish feed making machine is so popular that we often get distributors to buy it from us. This Peruvian customer is a dealer who has imported this machine from Taizy before and sold it very well, so he bought it again from us this time. He said our machine has good performance, high efficiency, and wide application, and customers like this machine very much.

Fish feed extruder machine manufacturer
fish feed extruder machine manufacturer

Technical parameters of the floating fish feed extruder machine

ModelCapacityMain powerCutter powerFeed supply powerScrew diameterSizeWeight

Working video of the dry type fish feed extruder machine