This floating fish feed production line can produce fish food feed of various shapes and yields by cursing, mixing, extruding and drying. It has an output of 40-350kg/h, suitable for small and medium fish farming plants, etc.

The produced feeds can be used for the following animals: all kinds of fish, parrots, shrimps, etc. The complete fish feed production line is flexible, if you are interested in this, please contact us!

introduction video of the simple and practical floating fish feed production line

Feed pellet sizes and shapes that can be produced

Our floating fish feed production line can produce feed pellets of various sizes and shapes, depending on our molds. Our molds can produce various shapes of feed pellets, get in touch with us for more information!

Feed pellet moulds
feed pellet molds

How to produce fish food pellets in Taizy floating fish feed production line?

The fish feed production has the following steps in general:

9fq-disk mill machine

Crushing materials: 9FQ/disk mill machine

This step is mainly to crush the raw materials. 9FQ or the grinder machine both are applicable. How to choose the proper one, depends on the production capacity.

Mixing materials: fish feed mixer machine

Its function is to mix evenly, to make the materials uniform.

Fish feed mixer machine
Screw elevator

Lifting: screw elevator

Send materials in Step 2 to the fish pellet machine. Of course, labor is also ok.

Producing the feed pellets: floating fish feed production machine

The floating fish food machine is the key part to produce excellent fish feed pellets. Only by changing the molds, you can get the different pellets sizes and shapes.

Fish feed production machine

Drying the pellets: dryer

There are two types: vertical dryer and belt dryer. The function is to prolong the drying time, making pellets drier.

The vertical dryer is small one, and cost-effective.

The belt dryer is actually the metal one, having advantages of the high temperature, stainless steel material.

Seasoning: seasoning machine

In this step, you can add spices or spray oil.

Adding spices: makes the feed pellets more attractive to fish, dogs, and cats.

Spraying oil: 1) smooth surface; 2) resistant to moisture.

Seasoning machine & spraying machine

Advantages of floating fish feed production line

  • Low cost: Small fish food pellet production line has low investment cost, which is suitable for small and medium-sized farmers and can effectively reduce the initial investment.
  • Small footprint: The equipment has a compact structure and covers a small area, which is suitable for farms or small processing plants with limited space.
  • Easy to operate: The equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate. It does not require professional technicians and can be easily operated by ordinary farmers.
  • Strong flexibility: This floating fish feed production line can adjust the production volume according to the demand, strong flexibility, and adapt to the production needs of different scales.
  • Convenient maintenance: Simple structure of the equipment, easy maintenance, low daily maintenance and repair costs, long service life.

Technical parameters of the fish feed production machine

ModelCapacityMain powerCutter powerFeed supply powerScrew diameterSizeWeight
specifications of fish feed pellet machine

Overall, it is based on the output of the fish feed extruder machine to determine the specific output of the fish food pellet production line, select the output of the fish food pellet machine, and then match the subsequent matching equipment required.

Successful case: 200-300kg/h floating fish feed production process to Côte d’Ivoire

This customer wanted the floating fish food machine to produce 200-300 kg per hour. According to his needs, our sales manager recommended him the corresponding 80-type machine. In addition, he also wanted a dryer, elevator, and mixer to improve efficiency.

Our sales manager then recommended the right machine according to his requirements and financial budget. He finally purchased one mixer, two dryers, two elevators, and one fish food pellet mill.

200-300kg per hour fish feed production line
200-300kg per hour fish feed production line

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