Recently, a large-scale aquaculture enterprise in Nepal purchased our DGP-80 fish feed pellet machine for sale with a small dryer. The customer is committed to improving feed quality and production efficiency to meet the growing demand of local fish farming.

Fish feed pellet making machine with small dryer
fish feed pellet making machine with small dryer

Why choose fish feed manufacturing line with small dryer?

After understanding the fish feed pellet machine for sale and production line, this customer chose our DGP-80 type floating fish feed machine with small fish pellet drying machine. The reasons are stated below:

The fish feed pellet making machine has advantages:

  • High production capacity: This fish pellet mill has a high production capacity and can convert raw materials into balanced and easily digestible pellet feed in a short time.
  • Excellent performance: It adopts advanced extrusion technology to ensure the pellets are full and buoyant, and at the same time, it can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria and improve the safety of feed.
Floating fish feed pellet making machine
floating fish feed pellet making machine

Based on cost-effectiveness, the small dryer is equipped. During the whole fish feed making line, the advantages have:

  • Energy-saving design: the small dryer has good heat energy utilization, quickly removes excess water from the feed and extends the storage period.
  • Precise temperature control: Equipped with an intelligent control system, it can precisely adjust the drying temperature and time to avoid excessive drying leading to nutrient loss.

Customer feedback on fish feed pellet machine for sale

The Nepalese customer highly praised this cooperation and believed that the fish food pellet production line has greatly improved the overall competitiveness of their farm.

Meanwhile, by producing fish feed independently, the customer has further strengthened the industrial chain and laid a solid foundation for sustainable development.

Fish feed pellets
fish feed pellets

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