The floating fish feed machine is to convert soybean meal, rice bran, fish meal, bone meal, corn meal, flour, etc. into fish feed pellets with various shapes by heating and extruding. It has a capacity of 40-350kg/h, even bigger.

Fish farms or dealers are very willing to invest in this type of fish feed pellet machine. This floating fish feed pellet mill is economically efficient and suitable for industrial or commercial use.

Besides, Taizy fish feed pellet machine is very popular overseas, such as in Peru, Ghana, Niger, Angola, Malaysia, Belgium, etc.

floating fish feed pellets making video

What is the floating fish feed machine?

The floating fish feed pellet machine is a machine to carry out various aquatic feed production. Besides, we also have the fish feed processing line available.

The size of the feed pellet mill is φ1mm, φ1.5mm, φ2mm, φ3mm, φ3.5mm, φ4mm, φ5mm, φ6.8mm, and various shapes. Anyway, if you want to produce fish feed, welcome to contact us!

Spotlights of floating fish feed pellet machine

  • Output of 40-350kg/h: Produce high-quality fish food pellets quickly and in large quantities to meet the needs of large-scale farms.
  • Easy operation: Only operate the control cabinet to operate the fish food pellet machine, even without professional technicians can easily operate it.
  • Various fish feed pellets production: This fish feed extruder machine can make catfish feed, tilapia fish feed, grass carp feed, etc.
  • Excellent quality of pellets: Fish food pellets have uniform size, compact texture and balanced nutrition, which can improve the feeding rate and growth rate of fish.

Specifications of the fish feed making feed pellet machine

Electric floating fish feed machine

ModelCapacityMain powerCutter powerFeed supply powerScrew diameterSizeWeight
technical data of electric motored fish food making machine

Diesel engine floating fish feed pellet machine

ModelCapacityMain powerCutter powerFeed supply powerScrew diameterSizeWeight
technical parameters of diesel-powered fish feed pellet machine

Molds and feed pellets display

Feed pellet moulds

Various molds can produce different feed pellets. You just choose what you want.

Taizy fish feed pellet machine can produce various fish feed pellets. The details are shown in the picture on the right.

Various fish feed pellets

Raw materials for fish feed pellets

Raw materials can be soybean meal, rapeseed, rice bran, fish meal, bone meal, corn meal, flour, and so on. Various grains are available.

This floating fish feed machine is a professional feed extruder equipment, using these raw materials to produce various feed pellets!

Raw materials
raw materials

Applications of the fish feed pelleting machine

  • Various fish: grass carp, ornamental fish, marine fish, eel, carp, tilapia, South American white shrimp, loach, catfish, tongue sole, sturgeon, etc.
  • Pets: dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, etc.
  • Others: turtles, shrimps, etc.

Structure of the floating fish feed pellet machine

DGP-type dry puffing machine is mainly composed of a feeder, extrusion puffing device, power and transmission system, frame, electric control system, etc. This pellet machine for fish feed has a great design and reasonable structure, which is beneficial to users.

Fish feed pellet machine
fish feed pellet machine

How does the floating fish feed machine work?

Raw materials feeding

The fish feed ingredients, such as fish meal, soybean meal, corn meal, etc., which have been scientifically formulated and matched, are accurately weighed and then evenly put into the hopper of the floating fish feed machine.

Heat extrusion and expansion processing

Start the equipment, and the raw materials are processed by the advanced heating and expansion function inside the fish food pellet machine.
Under high temperatures and pressure, the raw materials are fully cooked and form a structure that is easy to digest and absorb, and at the same time, they are extruded and moulded into the required shape and size.

Finished fish pellets discharge

Finished expanded and molded fish feed pellets are automatically discharged from the discharge port of the floating fish feed machine after reaching the desired hardness and density.
These nutritious and moderately buoyant fish feed pellets are not only easy to store and transport, but also favorable to fish feeding, which greatly improves the aquaculture benefits.

Successful cases of fish food making machine

2 sets of model-40 and 2 sets of model-60 small floating fish feed machines shipped to Peru

A customer from Peru asked about the small fish feed pellet machine for sale. The fish food pellet machine can produce various feed pellets. The Peruvian customer bought the mini fish feed machine for his customer.

Our sales manager sent the machine details to him. After going through it, the customer was very satisfied and confirmed several questions again. After that, he ordered a total of 4 sets: 2 sets of electric ones, and 2 sets of diesel engine ones. And we packaged the machine in the wooden case and sent it to his destination.

Package the floating fish feed pellet machine
package the fish feed pellet machine

Hot-selling fish feed pelleting machine sold to Burkina Faso

Our floating fish feed machine has been successfully installed in a large-scale aquaculture base in Burkina Faso, a West African country, which has significantly improved the efficiency and quality of local feed production.

Through the introduction of advanced equipment, the farm has reduced operating costs, increased fish growth and production, and injected a strong impetus into the development of the fishery industry in Burkina Faso.

Why choose Taizy as floating fish feed machine manufacturer and supplier?

  • Professional customized service: We provide personalized design and configuration plans according to customers’ needs, and can produce floating fish feed with different specifications, shapes and nutrients to meet diversified aquaculture needs.
  • Efficient production capacity: Taizy fish feed machines are highly productive and energy-efficient, with a wide range of models from 40kg to 350kg per hour, helping you improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Good reputation in the industry: Taizy brand enjoys a high reputation and good reputation at home and abroad, the reliability of its products and after-sales service is recognized by the majority of users, choosing Taize means choosing peace of mind and success.

Start your fish feed pellet making business now!

Today is the best time to start your fish feed pellet production business! With the help of advanced fish food pellet mill technology, you can quickly convert high-quality raw materials into fish feed pellets with high nutritional value.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with not only stand-alone machines, but also fish pellet production lines for high-quality feed pellet production.