At present, aquatic fish feed production machine in the field of feed is gaining more popularity, because of aquatic feed with high feeding rate, high conversion rate, more environmentally friendly. With the further enhancement of the manufacturing technology, we will use the latest technology to produce and manufacture the fish feed extruder machine for small particle aqua feed production.

Fish feed production
fish feed production

Equipment & requirements before fish feed production

The fineness of the raw material before expansion and crushing equipment has a relationship, which is related to the fineness of the final raw material.

  • Equipment for floating fish feed making: fish feed pellet machine, grinding machine
  • Requirements: If you want the raw materials to be finer and the fish food pellets produced to be more delicate, then 9FQ and disk mill machine both can help you to crush the raw materials again; the fish food pellet machine will then puff them up by high temperature and produce the fish food pellets you want through the mould.

Requirements for ingredient recipes 

Developing balanced and nutritious formulations is essential for high-performance fish feed production. Taizy works closely with customers to develop customized formulations to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Raw materials for fish feed production
raw materials for fish feed production

These formulations typically include a combination of proteins (e.g. fishmeal or soya bean meal), carbohydrates (e.g. cornmeal or wheat flour), lipids (fish oil or vegetable oil), vitamins, minerals and other functional additives. This is an important part of the fish food pellet production process.

Key steps of fish feed pellet making

  • Raw material preparation: Select high-quality raw materials, such as fish meal, soya bean meal, corn meal, starch and so on. Weigh accurately according to the requirements of the formula.
  • Grinding and mixing: Grind the raw materials to the required particle size by pulveriser. Mix the ingredients evenly in a blender to ensure uniform distribution of nutrients.
  • Pellet moulding: The tempered ingredients are extruded into pellets of the desired shape and size using a fish pellet mill. The floating fish feed pellet machine can be adjusted in diameter and length by changing the die.
  • Drying & seasoning: Freshly made pellets are hot and contain a certain amount of moisture, they need to go through drying equipment to reduce the moisture and stabilize the pellet structure. The fish feed pellets are then seasoned with oil using a flavouring machine.
  • Packaging and storage: Pack the dried and cooled fish feed pellets according to the set specifications. Store in a ventilated, dry place to avoid moisture or contamination.
Floating fish feed processing line
floating fish feed processing line

The above are the key steps of fish feed production, and the above-required equipment we Taizy can help you. Come and contact us soon! Get more machine information and quotations about fish food pellet machine to help you better understand and carry out fish feed production.