A customer in Saudi Arabia has chosen Taizy feed pelletizer machine again, reflecting his trust in the superior quality of the product. After his first purchase, he experienced the excellent performance and stable operation of the Taizy feed pellet mill and decided to purchase it again to meet his growing market demand.

Feed pelletizer machine
feed pelletizer machine

Introduction of this Saudi Arabian client

This client is the proprietor of a company that specializes in buying machinery and equipment, such as feed pelletizer machines, and selling them in the local market. His business aims to meet the needs of local businesses and individuals for machinery and equipment to help them improve their productivity or start a new business.

By purchasing and selling machines and equipment, his company provides more choices for the local market and helps customers to open up their markets, thus achieving common business goals.

What machine features attract this customer to choose us again?

Feed pellet maker machine
feed pellet maker machine
  • High output: Different models can produce 200-1000kg pellet feed per hour, which meets the production demand of customers.
  • High efficiency: Adopting advanced production technology, high production efficiency, helping customers to improve production efficiency.
  • Low cost: Using high-quality materials and components, low production cost, helping customers to reduce production costs.
  • Environmental protection: Applying advanced environmental protection technology, the production process is environmentally friendly and meets customers’ environmental requirements.

Service provided for feed pelletizer machine

  • Services such as design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of equipment.
  • Equipment repair, maintenance, training and other services.
  • After-sales technical support for the equipment.

Purchase order list of feed pelletizer machine for Saudi Arabia

Pellet machineModel: KL-300
Capacity: 1000 kg per hour
Package weight:215+182 kg
Package size:1600*640*1170mm
Type:2 rollers
8 sets
Pellet machineModel: KL-260
Capacity: 500-600 kg per hour
Package weight:160+130 kg
Package size: 1530*600*1100mm
Type:2 rollers
10 sets
Pellet machineModel: KL-260
Capacity: 500-600 kg per hour
Package weight:160+130 kg
Package size:  1530*600*1100mm
Type:3 rollers
10 sets
machine list for Saudi Arabia

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