This dog food making machine is used to produce feed for various pets, such as cats, dogs, turtles, parrots, etc. The pet food machine has various capacities and can be equipped with the corresponding feed pellet production line. This dog food machine can produce various kinds of peculiar-shaped pet food, which is very attractive for pets. In addition, the feed produced is rich in nutritional value, which is beneficial to the growth of animals. If you are interested in this kind of machine, welcome to contact us!

Advantages of the dog food making machine

  1. A wide range of applications. The automatic dog food machine can produce feed pellets for the dog, cat, turtle, parrot, fish, etc.
  2. Various capacities. This pet food extruder for sale has a capacity ranging from 40kg per hour to 350kg per hour. Of course, if you want a bigger capacity, we also can provide dog food manufacturing equipment.
  3. Rich feed pellets shapes. The dog food extruder has different models to produce attractive and beautiful feed shapes.
  4. Produce feeds that suit the taste of animals. This dog food maker can produce this kind of feed, which is more in line with the taste of animal feed.
Feed pellet machine in stock
feed pellet machine in stock

Why produce dog food?

Because the dog food produced by the dog food making machine has a lot of advantages.

  1. Dog food contains nutrients for dogs to improve immunity, can greatly improve the dog’s ability to resist disease, not easy to get sick, and extend the life of the dog.
  2. Dog food has a low moisture content, easy to store, not easy to spoil the advantages. This can ensure the food safety of pets, to avoid pets because the picking up of expired, moldy, spoiled food caused by a variety of diseases.
  3. A variety of dog food packaging specifications, simple to use, easy to carry, can meet in different environments are able to let the pet eat the best food.
Pet food products
pet food products

Taizy Machinery-the top choice for dog food making machine

  • Integrated with production and sales. Taizy company has the business of manufacturing and trading together, which is more professional in the feed pellet industry.
  • Competitive price. Because we have our own factory, and also, we pay attention to the machine quality. The cat food making machine has price advantages. Compared to other companies, Taizy machine to make dog food has a cheap price and good quality.
  • One-year warranty period. After buying the pet food processing machinery, you will have a one-year warranty period.
  • Support service. We also provide online service, video support, machine manual, etc.

Successful case: the dog food machine for sale to Angola

The Angola customer asked about the dog food production machine. Because he has a feed pellet plant to sell various pet food. Our sales manager introduced our pet food pellet machine detailly and sent the relevant machine information. The Angola client asked for some machine details, such as the model, power, etc. After confirming all the details, we signed the agreement.

Pet food machine package
pet food machine package

Technical parameters of commercial dog good making machine

ModelCapacityMain powerCutter powerFeed supply powerScrew diameterSizeWeight

Working video of the dog food making machine