In Burkina Faso, a visionary customer decided to go into farming and saw a huge opportunity in the fish pellet market. Fully understanding the needs of the local aquaculture industry, he quickly judged that feed production would be a key area in the future. Thus, he decided to buy a floating feed making machine.

Why buy floating feed making machine for Burkina Faso?

After carefully comparing different fish pellet mills on the market, the customer chose Taizy’s products. Taizy’s fish feed pelleting machine stood out for its excellent performance and reliability, providing him with a solid quality guarantee.

Moreover, the breeding market in Burkina Faso is fiercely competitive, but the customer is confident that he can stand out in the market and enhance his competitiveness by producing superior quality fish feed with an excellent reputation through our floating fish feed making machine.

Package and delivery of floating feed making machine

In order to deliver the machines to Burkina Faso quickly and safely, our customer delivered them through his own transport agent. The machine was packed in a wooden crate and handed over to the customer’s agent in perfect condition prior to transport.

Machine list for Burkina Faso

Floating fish feed making machineModel:DGP-80
Main power:22kw
Cutter power:0.4kw
Feed supply power:0.4kw
Screw Diameter:80mm
1 pc
Spare parts 6 moulds and 20pcs blades for free/
machine list for Burkina Faso