A customer from the Democratic Republic of Congo recently purchased a Taizy feed pellet maker machine to meet the needs of the local feed market. He fully recognizes the potential of the farming industry in the region and is determined to support the sustainable development of local agriculture by providing high-quality feed.

Feed pellet maker machine
feed pellet maker machine

Highlights of Taizy feed pellet maker machine

  • Advanced technology and stable performance: The feed pellet machine‘s excellent performance in terms of its pressing system makes it ideal for producing high-quality feeds from a wide range of raw materials.
  • Customized and adaptable: Taizy flat die pellet mill can be customized to take into account the working environment and power supply in different regions, so it is designed to be very adaptable, making its operation more stable and reliable in off-site locations.
  • After-sales service guarantee: Customers are also very concerned about after-sales service guarantee. Taizy has a reputation for providing prompt and professional after-sales service, which gives buyers the confidence to promote and sell their machines in the local market.

Machine list for Congo DR

Pellet machineModel KBL-210
Motor 7.5kw motor or 22hp diesel
Capacity 150kg/h
Size 1050*480*930mm
Weight 230kg
1 pc
machine list for Congo DR

Note that this feed pellet maker machine to diesel power 22HP machine comes with a mould size (casually, do not repeat with the following can be regular on the line)
Accessories: 4 moulds (2.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 8mm) for animal feed and 2 belts

Package and delivery of feed pellet maker machine

To ensure the safe and timely arrival of the feed pellet mill machine during transportation, we have adopted rigorous packaging measures and reliable logistics partners to ensure that the feed pellet machine can be delivered to the customer’s designated destination quickly and safely. We endeavour to shorten the delivery cycle to meet our customers’ needs for rapid production start-up.

Want to produce animal feed quickly?

If the answer to the above is yes, come and contact us! We have a wide range of feed pellet maker machine (ranging from 120kg/h to 1200kg/h), even feed pellet processing line for sale, which can meet your different needs.