Animal feed pellet machine, also called flat die pellet mill, feed pellet mill, is mainly used to produce various kinds of animal feed, such as cattle, rabbits, pigs, chickens, sheep, and so on. The production capacity ranges from 120kg per hour to 1200kg per hour. So, no matter the size of your factory or feedlot, our cattle feed pellet machine will always meet your needs.

Besides, our pelleting equipment has a CE certificate. And they are often sold in bulk. If you are interested in this kind of machine, get in touch with us!

Applications of the animal feed pellets making machine

The animal pellet machine has a wide range of applications, feed pellets for animals. Details are listed as below:

Cattle, poultry feed pellets making
cattle, poultry feed pellets making

Commercial animal feed pellet machine for sale

1st type: electric chicken feed pellet machine

2nd type: diesel engine rabbit pellet making machine

Diesel engine feed pellet mill
diesel engine feed pellet mill

3rd type: gasoline rabbit pellet making machine

4th type: PTO-driven goat feed pellet making machine

Pto-driven feed pellet making machine
PTO-driven feed pellet making machine

Spotlights of the cattle feed pellet machine

  1. The chicken feed pellet mill has a lightweight, easy operation, and simple structure.
  2. This animal feed pellet machine can produce cattle feed, goat feed, rabbit feed, pig feed, rabbit feed, etc.
  3. Capacity varies from 120kg to 1200kg. If you want the production line, we also have the cattle feed pellet plant available.

Consumable parts of the poultry animal feed pellet machine

Press roller and mold plate

The above is the consumable materials. So, when you use the rabbit feed pellet mill, pay attention to this part.

Press roller and mould plate
press roller and mould plate

Start a mini production line for feed pellets

Actually, if you have enough budget, you can consider buying a simple animal feed pellet production line.

Chaff cutter/grass crusher/chaff cutter and grain grinder–mixer–hopper–animal feed pellet machine

A simple one: combined chaff cutter grain grinder–animal feed pellet mill

           9FQ–goat feed making machine

Successful case: the animal food pellet machine shipping to Nigeria

The Nigerian client first looked for the fish floating feed machine to produce the chicken feed. During the communication, our sales manager got the news that his budget was insufficient. Thus, the sales manager recommended the animal feed pellets making machine. This chicken pellet making machine has an advantageous price and the same function. Through the chatting, the Nigerian client knew the machine and preferred this feed pellet mill. Finally, he ordered 5 sets and required them to deliver to Nigeria.

Feed pellet making machine in stock
feed pellet making machine in stock

Technical parameters of the animal feed pellet machine

Model CapacityPowerMould Plate DiameterSizeWeight