A customer in Iraq decided to buy Taizy’s floating feed extruder machine with a desire to improve his farming business. He is not only a farmer, but also has a Chinese agent for importing and exporting goods, which makes him have rich knowledge of feed production equipment.

Floating feed extruder machine
floating feed extruder machine

Clear aim of Iraqi client

His needs were clear: he wanted to purchase an efficient and reliable fish pellet mill for his feed production needs. His goal was to produce high-quality feed pellets that would increase the efficiency of the farming industry and at the same time provide more support for his own agency business.

To further improve production efficiency, the customer also decided to purchase a corn grinder to pulverize raw materials. This decision shows the customer’s concern for the whole process of feed preparation, from raw material handling to pellet production.

Why choose Taizy floating feed extruder machine for Iraq?

In the end, the customer chose Taizy’s fish feed pellet machine, which stands out not only for its excellent performance and reliability, but also for its ease of use and versatility. Our fish feed extruder machine is considered to be the first choice for aquaculturists, whether they are beginners or seasoned professionals.

Besides, through the combination of Taizy’s floating feed extruder machine and disk mill, the customer has managed to increase the efficiency and quality of his feed production. He was not only able to meet the needs of his own farming business, but also to provide more support for his agency business in China.

This case proves once again that Taizy’s fish food pellet mill is a powerful tool to drive the success of aquaculture, bringing considerable benefits to the customer.

Machine list for Iraq

Disk mill machineDisk mill machine
Model :FFC-37 with cyclone
Inlet type: Vertical hopper, Side hopper, or self-priming
Power:11kw electric motor
Capacity:350-450 kg/h (fineness 1.5mm)
Remark: with two sieves for free
1 pc
Fish feed pellet machineFish feed pellet machine
Main power:18.5kw
Cutter power:0.4kw
Feed supply power:0.4kw
Screw Diameter:70mm
Remark: with 30pcs blades for free
1 pc
machine list for Iraq