Feed pellet production line is specially used for processing various animal feed, such as chicken feed, cattle feed, etc. It includes several processes such as raw material crushing, mixing, pressing, cooling and packaging.

The capacity ranges from 150kg/h to 800kg/h, which can meet feed pellet plants from small scale to big scale.

Animal feed pellet production line
animal feed pellet production line

Through this production line, various raw materials, such as grains, proteins, vitamins, etc., can be processed and transformed into high-quality, uniformly granular feeds, which are suitable for different breeding fields, such as poultry, livestock, aquaculture and so on.

The automation and high efficiency of the animal feed pellet production line improve the quality and yield of feed production and help the farming industry to provide healthier and more nutritious feed.

Necessity of making pellets for animal feeding

Feed pellet production is a necessary part of modern livestock and poultry farming. It ensures that farmed animals receive comprehensive nutrition by taking a variety of raw materials, including grains, proteins, vitamins, etc., and scientifically processing them into uniform granular feed.

This not only increases the growth rate and weight of livestock and poultry, but also enhances product quality. The uniformity of the feed particles reduces the waste of feed and reduces environmental pollution.

Animal feed pellet plant machine
animal feed pellet plant machine

In addition, automation of the feed pellet line improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

Therefore, feed pellet production is essential to meet the growing demand for farming and to improve food safety and sustainable farming.

Feed pellet production process

The process of cattle feed pellet production line includes the following steps: raw material preparation, raw material crushing, mixing, pellet moulding, cooling and packaging.

Raw materials preparation

Prepare your raw materials for the production of feed pellets such as grain, corn kernels, rice bran, etc.


The prepared ingredients are crushed to form fine particles.


The crushed ingredients are thoroughly mixed and then the nutrients you want to add, such as proteins, vitamins, etc., are added.


After mixing, feed pellets are produced using a flat die pellet mill. High temperatures and pressure allow the production of feed pellets in the desired size and length.


Subsequently, the pellets need to be cooled to improve storage life.


Finally, the feed pellets are weighed and packaged by the quantitative package machine. Then you can sell the feed pellets for profits.

Equipment used in the animal feed pellet production line

Crushing machine
Crushing Machine

Hammer mill


Feed pellet machine
Feed Pellet Machine

Animal feed pellet machine

Packaging machine

Packaging machine
Packaging Machine

Features of chicken feed pellet production line

Cattle feed pellet production line
cattle feed pellet production line
  • Fully automated operation with high production efficiency;
  • Versatility, make different types of feed pellets;
  • Uniform pellets, rich in nutrients, easy to digest and absorb;
  • Controllable production process, high utilization of raw materials;
  • Saving manpower and energy costs;
  • It can be customized according to different needs and is suitable for all sizes of farming.

These features make the chicken feed pellet production line an ideal choice for improving feed quality, reducing production costs and increasing farming efficiency.

Differences between the feed pellet production line and floating fish feed line

The main difference lies in the production goal. The chicken feed manufacturing plant is mainly used to produce pellet feed for poultry, livestock, etc., focusing on the uniformity and stability of feed pellets. The fish feed processing line, on the other hand, focuses on the production of feeds suitable for planktonic fish in the water, with an emphasis on pellet buoyancy and stability in the water.

Successful cases of animal feed pellet making plant

Technical data of feed pellet production line

Brand: Taizy

Line name: Animal feed pellet production line

Capacity: 150kg/h-800kg/h

Equipment in the animal feed pellet plant: 9FQ, mixer, animal feed pellet mill, cooling machine, packaging machine

Produced feed pellets: Poultry, chicken, cattle, sheep, goat, rabbit, etc