In February 2023, one client from Chile purchased one set of the feed pellet making machine from Taizy. He bought this feed pellet mill for producing the feed pellets as animal feed.

The introduction to this Chile client

This customer bought this flat die pellet mill for his own use. And the customer has no special requirements for the machine. And it is made according to the machine’s requirements, and the required model is the largest.

Why did this client place the order for the feed pellet making machine so quickly?

Feed pellet making machine
feed pellet making machine

This customer had previously purchased a fish meal machine from our company, and when he needed a pellet mill this time, we were the first choice, mainly because of the following considerations.

  1. The machine bought is well used, good quality and less maintenance.
  2. We have cooperated before, trust each other, and have a good foundation for cooperation.

Machine parameters for the client from Chile

Feed pellet maker machineModel: 400
Capacity: 1.5-1.7t/h
Motor power: 30kw
380v, 50hz
Dimension: 1760*850*1250mm
Weight: 830kg
1 set

Notes: This customer is paying in full and we promise to start shipping within 7 days of receiving payment.

Video of the Taizy feed pellet making machine – produce animal feed pellets