Because of its wide application, easy operation, and attractive appearance, our fish food pellet machine is very popular overseas. For example, Peru, Ghana, Niger, Angola, Malaysia, etc. In August of this year, we exported this machine to Belgium.

Belgian customer’s fish food pellet machine order details


The Belgian customer contacted us via WhatsApp on our website. At the same time, an inquiry email was sent to our official email address. Therefore, there was a contact.

Customer requirements

The Belgian customer is a distributor and is now looking for a new supplier and is very interested in the quality of the machine and the feedback from the end customer after using the machine.

Fish feed pellet mill in stock
fish feed pellet mill in stock

Communication process

After understanding the customer’s needs, our sales manager first introduced the machine to him, and then sent him several successful cases of our supply to distributors. And show him the feedback of the end customer after using the machine (chat records and video).

After reading it, he asked several questions, and all of these questions were answered by our sales manager. Questions are such as:

How is the use of the machine molds?

How many sets of molds will be equipped?

Finally, the Belgian customer decided to buy the machine.

Final order

2 sets of 40 type fish pellet mill (one motor, one diesel engine), 2 sets of 70 type fish food pellet machine (one motor, one diesel engine)

Fish food pellet machine with diesel engine and electric motor
fish food pellet machine with diesel engine and electric motor

What benefits did the Belgian customer get from purchasing the fish pellet mill from Taizy?

These benefits are twofold.

For customer

he buys our machines to sell them in their country because the price of our machines itself is better, so he makes a profit from this aspect of selling the machines.

In addition, because of the good quality of our machines, customers have better feedback and appear to repurchase or recommend them to their friends, expanding their business.

For Taizy

Because his customers want our Taizé machines, the Belgian customer makes a repeat order. For both sides, it is win-win cooperation.