Congralutation to Taizy! In May 2023, one client from India purchased a fish feed pellet production line with a capacity of 300-350kg/h for his business.

Feed pellets
feed pellets

Our fish food pellet mill has high production efficiency, uniform finished pellets and stable quality. At the same time, the production line has good reliability and stability, which can run stably for a long time and improve production efficiency. It is an excellent choice for producing feed pellets.

Why buy a fish feed pellets production line for India?

Fish feed pellet production line
fish feed pellet production line

The Indian customer’s feed company has been operating for many years and due to the rapid development of the local farming industry, the customer decided to expand their business and start producing fish food pellets.

After market research, considering the wide variety of local fish species and their different needs, the Indian customer decided to purchase a fish food pellet production line.

What is the Indian customer’s comment on this fish pellet production line?

The customer highly praised the floating fish food pellet production line we provided.

He said that the quality of the production line is very good and the output is efficient and stable, which makes the quality of the feed improve greatly and also increases his profit.

Meanwhile, our professional after-sales service is also highly recognized by our customer, which makes him feel more relieved in the process of using it.

Machine list in the fish feed pellet production line for India

Disk millDisk Mill
Motor: 4.5kw ,2800rpm
Capacity: 600kg/h(fineness 2mm)
Overall size:400*1030*1150mm
Machine Packing size:650*400*600mm
Machine Weight: 40kg
Motor:450*240*280 mm
Motor Weight: 29kg
Remark: 4sieves for free
1 pc
MixerMixer 1 pc
Screw conveyorScrew Conveyor
Material: stainless steel
1 pc
Fish pellet machineFish pellet Machine
Main power:22kw
Cutter power:0.4kw
Feed supply power:0.4kw
Screw Diameter:80mm
1 pc
Air conveyorAir Conveyor
Main power:0.4kw
Capacity: 250kg/h
Material: stainless steel
1 pc
Fish feed dryerFish Feed Dryer
Type:3 layers 3m Length
Heating power:18kw
Chain power:0.55kw
Material: stainless steel
Temperature adjustment scope:0-200℃
1 pc
Seasoning machineSeasoning Machine 1 pc
fish feed pellet production line for India

Spare part for this floating fish pellet production line

A set of spare parts1. Screw cover
2. Screw
3. Blades(4pcs/set)
1 set (No.3 is free)
3mm  1pcs
4mm 4pcs
5mm 1pcs
6 pcs (free)
Heating ringHeating Ring1 pc
spare parts list for floating fish feed pellet production line


  1. Payment term: 40% as deposit paid in advance, 60% as balance paid before delivery.