In April 2023, a customer from Canada ordered a DGP-40 fish food machine, 9FQ hammer mill machine, and mixer from us and requested to send the machine to Cameroon.

As a professional fish food pellet mill manufacturer and supplier, our machine models are not only complete but also the supporting equipment is supplied.

Why did this Canadian customer send the fish food machine and other agricultural machinery to Cameroon?

This customer has farms in Cameroon and carries out chicken and fish farming. Therefore, this customer bought a fish food pellet mill for fish farming and also wanted to buy a flat die pellet mill for chicken feed production. Since the main place of use is in Cameroon, the machine has to be delivered to Cameroon.

The detailed process of the Canadian client purchasing the floating fish feed machine and other agricultural machines

This customer is a middleman who buys the floating fish feed pellets making machine not only for his own use but also for sale. Our fish food machine is mainly used to make floating material for various fish breeding. This customer was looking for a pellet mill that could make floating material, so he sent us an inquiry.

Step 1

At the beginning, our manager Cindy sent him a quotation based on his needs. Through the conversation, Cindy knew that the customer liked the diesel model, so she gave the customer the model and the corresponding price.

Step 2

After receiving it, the customer felt that the price was a bit expensive and wanted to compare the price with other companies, so he asked about the price of fish food pellet machines from other companies.

Step 3

Then he asked about the discount on the fish food machine after comparing. Cindy explained that our fish pellet mill is the best price and that we should not just pursue the low price, but also ensure the machine quality.

Step 4

Our fish pellet making machine has the best price and the quality is also guaranteed. In addition, Cindy also sent him the successful delivery photos, PI, etc., such as the fish pellet mill delivered to Peru.

In the end, this customer finally chose to work with us. He placed an order for a fish food machine, 9FQ, and a mixer. He also indicated that he would purchase a flat die pellet mill later.

Machine PI purchased by the client from Canada but sent to Cameroon

Machine pi for canadian client but to cameroon
machine PI for Canadian client but sent to Cameroon

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