We are very pleased to announce that a customer from Peru has chosen our products again and ordered 3 models of floating feed machines at once.

Floating fish feed machine
floating fish feed machine

As a distributor, this customer is using these machines to sell to the market and meet the needs of the Peruvian farming industry. We are very grateful for his trust and long-term relationship with our products. In this case study, we will present the customer’s needs and the solutions we provided for him.

Customer’s need and selection on the floating feed machine

This Peruvian customer, a farm equipment distributor, understood the need for efficient and reliable feed processing equipment for the local farming industry.

In order to meet the market demand and expand their business, they decided to order 3 types of fish food pellet mills at once. These machines have moderate capacity and specifications, which are ideal for medium-sized farms.

Our solution to this customer from Peru

In response to our customer’s needs, we recommended our line of hot-selling floating feed machines, which offer excellent performance and reliability.

Fish feed pellet machine for sale
fish feed pellet machine for sale

We worked closely with our customer to understand his concerns about production efficiency, pellet quality and equipment durability. We offer medium-sized floating fish pellet machines with advanced technology and innovative designs that enable efficient feed processing and the production of consistent and uniform feed pellets.

Machine list for Peru

ItemMachine parametersQty
Floating Fish  Feed Machine
Model: DGP-40

Capacity:40- 50kg/h
Main power:7. 5 kW
Cutter power:0 .4kw
Feed supply power:0 .4 kw
Screw Diameter:40 mm
Size:1260*860* 1250mm
4 sets
Fish  Pellet  Machine
Model: DGP- 60

Capacity:120- 150kg/h
Main power:1 5kw
Cutter power:0 .4kw
Feed supply power:0 .4 kw
Screw Diameter:60 mm
Size:1450*950* 1430mm
Fish  Pellet  Machine
Model: DGP-70

Capacity:180 -250kg/h
Main power:18 .5 kw
Cutter power:0 .4kw
Feed supply power:0 .4 kw
Screw Diameter:70 mm
Size:1600* 1400* 1450mm
1 set
machine list for Peru

Notes to the floating feed machine:

  1. Payment terms: 100%TT.
  2. Delivery time: Within 10 days after receiving payment.