The American customer, a retired enthusiast, decided to help his hometown’s agriculture development with his deep affection for it. He plans to purchase equipment such as the seasoning machine and drying machine to improve the quality and yield of agricultural products.

Seasoning machine and drying machine
seasoning machine and drying machine

In his communication with us, he expressed his interest in the equipment and said that it would take some time to seek approval from decision makers. In this article, we will introduce his purchase plan and show the solution we provided for him.

Client’s hometown love and agricultural development aspirations

This American customer is full of love for his hometown’s agriculture, and after his retirement, he decided to put his energy into supporting the development of agriculture in his hometown.

After in-depth research and study, he believes that equipment such as the barrel dryer and seasoning machine for fish feed making will play an important role in the production and processing of local agricultural products. He hopes that through the introduction of this equipment, the quality of agricultural products will be improved, the output will be increased, and better production conditions will be created for the farmers in his hometown.

Interest in equipment and purchase plan

During his communication with us, this customer expressed his strong interest in the pellet drying machine and seasoning machine. He learned that the equipment can help farmers better preserve and process agricultural products and increase added value.

Considering that equipment purchases require time and approval from decision makers, he requested about two weeks from us to wait for the decision results. We responded positively to his request and expressed our willingness to provide the necessary quotation and equipment information.

Customized solution and quotation

We provided the customer with a customized solution, and the quotation listed the price and technical parameters of the seasoning machine, dryer and other equipment in detail(for fish feed production line).

In response to the client’s needs, we also provided advice on equipment selection for different agricultural products to ensure that he would get the most suitable combination of equipment for his hometown’s agricultural development. We provided a comprehensive overview of the performance and quality of each piece of equipment to help the customer make an informed decision.

Seasoning machine and drying machine parameters for the USA

Machine list for the usa
machine list(used for floating fish feed making) for the USA

Notes: The USA client paid 80% as a deposit for the machine purchase, and the balance will be paid before shipment. And we also promise that we will deliver goods in 7-14 days.