With the rapid development of the farming industry, the small floating fish feed machine is attracting much attention as the key equipment.

Small floating fish feed machine
small floating fish feed machine

Among many models, 40-type, 60-type and 70-type fish food pellet mills are selling hot in the market with their unique features and excellent performance. This article will reveal the reasons for the hot sales of these three popular models and explore their advantages in feed production.

Why is the small floating fish feed machine hot-selling?

DGP-40 floating fish feed pellet making machine:

  • Suitable for small-scale farms or personal use, meeting the needs of small farms.
  • With compact design and easy operation, easy to operate and maintain.
  • The price is relatively low, making it an economical choice.

DGP-60 fish feed extruder:

  • Suitable for medium-sized feed production line, meeting the needs of medium-sized feed producers.
  • High production efficiency and stable performance to improve production efficiency.
  • Provide a variety of molds to meet the requirements of different feed pellet sizes.

DGP-70 floating fish feed making machine:

  • Suitable for large feed producers to meet the needs of large-scale production.
  • With high capacity and excellent performance, it can produce large quantity of feed pellets efficiently.
  • Provides advanced control system and automation functions to enhance production efficiency and ease of operation.

Advantages of these floating fish feed pellet machines

Fish feed pellet machine for sale
fish feed pellet machine for sale
  1. Improve feed quality: The small floating fish feed machine can mix the raw materials evenly and shape them into pellets with consistent specifications through the process of heating and extrusion, which improves the stability and digestibility of the feed and is beneficial to the absorption and growth of fish.
  2. Increase feed utilization rate: The feed granules processed by fish food pellet mill have high density, easy to digest and absorb, reduce waste and nutrient loss, improve feed utilization rate and reduce feed cost.
  3. Various fish feed pellets production: The machine can adjust the size and shape of feed pellets according to the demand(changing the molds), adapting to the feeding needs of different fish.
  4. Safe and reliable: The small floating fish feed machine is made of high-quality materials, featuring sturdy structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance, which ensures the safety and reliability of the production process.