Truth be told, our floating pellet machine is very popular in the Peruvian market. This is because Taizy floating fish feed pellets making machine not only follows the market demand but also has a very beautiful design. With good performance, superior quality, and a very attractive appearance, our fish food pellet machines have a unique advantage in the market. Recently, we exported a batch of fish food pellet mill to Peru.

Peruvian customer’s profile

The Peruvian customer has a very big company, which deals with all kinds of machinery products, including agricultural machinery products. Recently, he has the idea of opening a branch, so now he wants to find a long-term and stable supplier of the floating pellet machine. And we happen to have the fish food pellet mill, and the demand just fits.

Fish feed pellet mill in stock
fish feed pellet mill in stock

Peruvian customer about the whole process of fish food pellet machine order

We learned that the Peruvian customer was going to open a new store, and the whole store was going to sell related agricultural products, one of which was the floating pellet machine.

During the communication process, our sales manager introduced to him the types of fish pellet mills we have and our fish pellet mill production line. The power of the machine, the mold, and so on were introduced in detail one by one.

Machine power and molds
machine power and molds

After understanding, the Peruvian customer raised questions about the installation of the machine. Because he had to sell them after he bought them, but how to install them was a problem. Our sales manager answered this question in detail. We include installation instructions with the machine and we also send installation videos. In addition to that, if needed, we will install the fish pellet mill through an online guide.

Finally, the Peruvian customer placed an order for 5 fish pellet mills for the first time.

What did Taizy floating pellet machine bring to the Peruvian customer?

Because the Peruvian customer has a new store, the reputation is important. Our fish food pellet mill has excellent quality and good use effect. The customers who have bought them are all praised, which has won a good reputation for the Peruvian customer’s store and has also driven the sale of other machinery.