Taizy fish feed making machine is a kind of puffing machine that can produce fish, shrimp, turtles, dogs, cats, parrots, and other kinds of animals. Therefore, this machine has a wide range of applications and can be used in various fields. Recently, we have exported Taizy fish food pellet machine to Malaysia.

Basic information of the Malaysian customer

This customer is a famous fish pond farmer in the local area, with a large area of fish ponds, which needs a lot of fish food every day. Under the comprehensive consideration, the Malaysian customer decided to make his own feed, so that he could not only save cost but also use the reliable fish feed he made. Therefore, he actively searched for a machine that can make fish food feed.

Fish pond
fish pond

Details of the Malaysian customer’s fish feed making machine

We got in touch through WhatsApp. As soon as we got in touch, the Malaysian customer told us his requirements. So our sales manager immediately introduced the relevant type of machine, according to the size of his fish pond.

Besides that, our sales manager knew his fish pond was very big and recommended the fish food pellet line. And sent the relevant machine parameters, photos, videos and other information. After understanding, the Malaysian customer finally decided to buy the fish food pellet machine, grinder, mixer, and seasoning machine.

Machines purchased by malaysian customer
machines purchased by Malaysian customer

Payment and packing

Payment: The Malaysian customer paid the advance payment first, and then we started to produce the fish feed making machine. After the production of the machine is finished, the customer pays the final payment and we arrange the delivery.

Packing: Usually, the machines will be packed in wooden boxes. If customers have additional requirements, we will also try our best to meet them.

Fish feed making machine in the wooden case
fish feed making machine in the wooden case

Why choose the Taizy fish feed making machine?

  • Professional knowledge. In the process of communication, Taize’s staff can answer the questions raised by the Malaysian customer very accurately and answer his doubts. In addition, they will provide professional and constructive suggestions for the development of the customer.
  • Considerate service. When the Malaysian customer bought the fish food pellet mill, he also wanted to buy several single machines to improve his production efficiency. According to this, our staff recommended another small dryer. The Malaysian customer saved costs with the same function.
  • Complete machines. When buying the fish food pellet machine, the customer also wanted a grinding machine as well as a seasoning machine, all of which Taizé has. This is very convenient for customers to buy all the machines in one place at one time, and the price will be discounted.
  • Great prices. Because Taizé is an industry and trade company, the prices of the machines sold are very competitive in the market. Malaysian customers get their hands on a very affordable price.