The floating fish feed extruder has the great advantages of wide applications, strong applicability, and stable performance. So, this machine is well received among the fish farmers, distributors, and the feed pellet plant. And recently, we had the floating fish feed machine for sale to Niger.

The introduction to the Niger customer

This customer has a feed pellet plant to sell various fish feed. And he was looking for the aquatic feed pellet production line to facilitate his business. That’s why he contacted us.

Order completion process for the floating fish feed extruder machine 

Fish feed pellet mill in stock
fish feed pellet mill in stock
  1. Ask about the Niger customer’s demands: capacity, usage, etc.
  2. Send the machine details: machine pictures, working video, parameters, models, finished feed pellets, etc.
  3. Confirm details: machine model to produce the right feed pellets, floating fish feed recipe, power, payment method, etc.
  4. Place the order: sign the agreement and then transfer the deposit.
  5. Manufacture the machine: receive the money, and start the floating fish feed extruder production.
  6. Package & delivery: receive the balance and then package the machine in the wooden case and deliver it to the Niger customer port.

Video of the floating fish feed production process sent to Niger customer

From the above video, the Niger customer could clearly understand the whole process to produce the fish feed pellets.