In April 2023, one client from Brazil bought a 120-150kg/h extruder machine for fish feed from Taizy for his client.

Introduction to the customer from Brazil

his Brazilian customer, a representative of an intermediary company called Hanger Import & Export, needed to purchase a fish food pellet mill to process feed pellets for aquaculture.

Why choose the DGP-60 extruder machine for fish feed?

The main demands of the end customer are: 1) able to process various feed materials, including fish meal, shrimp meal, corn meal, etc.; 2) good pellet forming effect, regular shape and uniform size of pellets; 3) good durability and long service life of the equipment; 4) reasonable price and perfect after-sales service.

Floating fish feed plant manufacturer
floating fish feed plant manufacturer

After understanding the customer’s needs, we recommended the DGP-60 type extruder machine for fish feed. This machine has the following features: good pellet forming effect, adjustable pressure, and temperature, high efficiency, etc.

Cindy explained these features to the customer and provided some use cases and user feedback on the floating fish feed pellet machine. The customer thought this machine met his customer’s needs and decided to buy it.

How to package the extruder machine for fish feed into the wooden case for shipment?

Usually, we package the fish feed pellets making machine like the above pictures, and then load it into the container for shipment.

DGP-60 floating fish feed extruder machine PI for Brazil

Dgp-60 floating fish feed pellet machine pi
DGP-60 floating fish feed pellet machine PI