Good News! A customer from The Gambia has ordered from us a fish feed pellet machine with an output of 120-150 kg per hour, powered by a diesel engine. Our fish pellet mill is designed to produce a variety of feeds for customers’ fish and pets. If you are interested, feel free to contact us!

Why did this Gambian customer choose to buy a fish feed pellet machine?

This Gambian customer wanted to produce his own safe and nutritious fish food feed for his own fish farming. It is more secure to produce your own fish feed with your own ingredients. Therefore, he started looking for a suitable fish feed pellet mill online and sent us an inquiry after seeing our machines.

Fish feed pellet machine
fish feed pellet machine

How did this Gambian customer choose a diesel engine for power?

Electricity is also available locally, but using a diesel engine to power the fish feed pellet machine is more convenient and reliable as it can still be used to power the fish food feed production during power outages without delaying the planned production process.

Working video of the fish feed produced by the fish feed pellet machine

From the video, you can easily understand how to make high-quality and tasty nutrition feed pellets. If you are interested in this kind of floating fish feed machine, welcome to contact us at any time!