Breaking news! One client from Cameroon bought 1 set of DGP-60 fish pellet machine from Taizy. The floating fish pellet making machine has features of wide applications, various models, and multiple powers. If you’re interested, welcome to contact me!

The detailed process of buying the fish pellet machine by the Cameroonian client

Fish pellet machine
fish pellet machine

This Cameroonian customer already has a grinder and mixer, now he just needs to buy a fish pellet mill to form a simple fish pellet production line for efficient feed production.

Our fish food pellet mill is a delicious variety of feed pellets formed by extruding raw materials at high temperatures and puffing through a screw.

At the beginning of the contact, our Cameroonian customer clearly indicated that he needed the DGP-60 fish pellet machine. Our staff Cindy sent him detailed information about the machine and its working video. After watching it, the customer chose the motor model.

Then, it was time to choose the shape of the pellet he wanted to produce. According to our model, the customer chose the 6 molds he wanted to produce and then placed an order for prepayment.

Machine details for the Cameroonian client

Fish feed pellet machineFish feed pellet machine
Model: DGP-60
Capacity: 120-150kg/h
Main power: 15kw
Cutter power: 0.4kw
Feed supply power: 0.4kw
Screw Diameter: 60mm
Size: 1450*950*1430mm
Weight: 480kg
1 set
Fish feed pellet moldsFish feed pellet molds6 pcs