A customer in the Dominican Republic, eager to produce high-quality feed for his own animals, recently purchased a flat die feed pellet mill. Knowing the importance of good feed for animal health and production, he decided to produce his own animal feed to ensure that the animals he raises receive the highest quality nutrition.

Flat die feed pellet mill
flat die feed pellet mill

Taizy flat die feed pellet mill strengths

As his first choice, our flat die pellet mill caught his eye with its unique features.

  • Firstly, this pellet mill is designed with a flat die, which is easy to operate and suitable for beginners.
  • Secondly, the efficient pressing system can quickly convert various raw materials, such as grains, wheat bran and soybean meal, into uniform pellet feed.
  • In addition, the machine also focuses on energy saving and environmental protection, which is in line with the modern concept of sustainable development and matches the values of customers.

Reasons for choosing Taizy flat die feed pellet mill

Not only because of the advantages of our animal feed pellet mill described above, but also because of the advanced technology of our civilian pellet mill and the perfect after-sales service we can provide.

Feed pellet making machine in stock
feed pellet making machine in stock

He can now conveniently use the pellet mill to make high-quality animal feed from a variety of raw materials, ensuring that his own animals receive adequate nutrition.

Reference to machine parameters for the Dominican Republic

Pellet machineModel: KBL-400
Voltage:220v 60hz three phase
power:  37kw
Capacity: 2000kg/h
size:  1550*620*1250mm
Weight: 680kg
include 3 pressing plate molds
1 pc
animal feed pellet machine parameters