In April 2022, we received an order from a Venezuelan customer, a middleman, for an SL-260 (400-500kg/h) animal feed pellet mill for his end customer. We were very pleased to be able to work with this customer and provide him with a high-quality machine and equipment.

During the inquiry process, it was clear that this customer’s objective was to have a 400-500kg/h feed pellet making machine for animals.

In addition to that, he regularly imports goods from China, has his own freight forwarder, and plans to attend the Canton Trade Fair in Guangzhou in April 2023. This information gave us a better understanding of this customer and strengthened our confidence that he would become our loyal customer.

After confirming the machine model, this customer also requested some machine accessories, which included free and paid accessories. We carefully evaluated the customer’s requirements about the animal feed pellet mill and provided an accurate quotation and parts list in time.

The customer was so satisfied with our service and price that he then paid the deposit and we started the poultry feed pellet machine production work.

Animal feed pellet mill machine list for Venezuela

Animal feed pellet machineAnimal feed pellet machine
Model: SL-260
Main power:15kw electric motor
1 pc
SpacerSpacer for free2 pcs
BladesBlades for free2 pcs

one of four is free
4 pcss
RollerRoller1 pc
machine list for Venezuela

Notes: the free accessories mentioned above are free, otherwise it’s charged.