The fish feed machine is the equipment for processing and producing various kinds of fish food pellets, and of course, other aquatic feeds, including other pet feeds. Our Taizy company has made various upgrades to the machine according to the changes in market demand. There are similarities and differences between the two types of fish feed pellet mill machines, as described below.

Similarities of the fish feed machine

Molds for producing feed pellets

Feed pellet moulds
feed pellet molds

The aquatic fish, pets, chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, etc. Only the mold is not the same.

Spotlights of using the fish feed puffing machine

Simple operation, low noise, high molding rate, good puffing rate, stable machine, thick and good material for machine appearance, high finished product rate.

Start step

The first step: stirring raw materials. Stirring and feeding: evenly discharge, not easy to appear slow and fast.

There is a heater outside the screw (1kW, coil electric heating, 150-180 degrees).


The difference between floating and sinking material is to change the foremost screw sleeve.

No need to open the heating switch when doing the fish food. In the early stage, the heat is generated by the extrusion of the screw sleeve. In the later stage, it has wear and tear, the temperature does not reach, then open the heating switch.

Machine model

DGP-40, DGP-60, DGP-70, DGP-80, fish feed manufacturing line

Differences in the commercial fish feed machine

Machine appearance

Normal model: the control cabinet and the machine are separated. The cover adopts the baking paint, others use the spraying paint.

New model: machine integration and all parts use the baking paint.

The power source of the fish feed machine

Normal type: diesel engine, electric motor.

New type: only electric motor.

Screw sleeve

Normal type: 8 hours working every day, probably for one-year usage.

New type: high-temperature quenching, NO. 45 steel.