Good news! A customer from Algeria ordered a large quantity of feed pellet machine from us, including the flat die pellet mill and the fish food pellet mill.

The wide range of machine models purchased is because he is a well-known local import company, purchasing machines for sale locally.

Why did the client buy the feed pellet machine for Algeria?

This customer has an import company that specializes in importing machines to be sold locally. Because of his experience, he is very familiar with the market demand.

In the area, people carry out animal pellet and fish food pellet production, so flat die pellet mills and fish food pellet mills are very popular. Therefore, according to the market habits, this customer buys pellet mills.

Order list for the Algerian client

Machine nameModelQty
Feed pellet machineModel: TZ-210
15 sets
Feed pellet machineModel: TZ-230
8 sets
Feed pellet millModel: TZ-260
4 sets
Feed pellet millModel: TZ-300
1 set
Fish feed pelleting machineModel: DGP-60
10 sets
Fish feed pelleting machineModel: DGP-70
2 sets
Fish feed pelleting machineModel: DGP-80
2 sets
Fish feed pelleting machineModel: DGP-135
1 set

Notes: the client has the requirements for the machine. First, different machines are labeled with their names and models, in English. Also, each item must have an Arabic sticker with the customer’s own information and company details.

How does the flat & fish feed pellet machine produce the feed pellets?