In modern aquaculture, high-quality floating fish feed is the key to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of aquaculture. In this article, we will introduce in detail the process steps and required equipment to make floating fish feeds with our fish food pellet machine.

Floating fish feeds
floating fish feeds

Process steps to make floating fish feed

Preparation of raw materials

The main ingredients for making high-quality floating fish feed include fishmeal, maize meal, soya bean meal, starch and the necessary vitamin and mineral additives. Prepare enough ingredients.

Raw material crushing stage

Use the crusher(9FQ hammer mill) to crush raw materials into proper particles for subsequent mixing and to increase the degree of maturation of the fish feed during the expansion process.

Mixing and moulding

The crushed and formulated ingredients are fed into the mixer for thorough mixing.
Subsequently, the blended ingredients are fed into our fish feed extruder machine, which undergoes high-temperature and high-pressure twin-screw extrusion and puffing technology to form floating fish feed pellets of established sizes and shapes.


The feed pellets coming out of the fish food pellet machine will immediately enter the drying equipment for drying, removing excess moisture to ensure that the feed pellets have good storage resistance.


The dried feed pellets are treated with oil spray in the flavoring section to increase fat content, improve taste and provide an essential energy source.


Finally, the finished feed pellets are quantitatively packaged, which is not only convenient for daily feeding of farmers, but also more conducive to long-distance transport and market sales.

Equipment used for fish feed pellet production

To produce fish food pellets according to the above process, the required machines happen to form a fish food pellet production line, and the required machines in the order of production are, respectively, 9FQ crusher → mixer → fish food pellet machine → dryer → flavoring machine → packaging machine.

Fish feed production line
fish feed production line

Among them, our fish feed pelleting machine is the core machine, our fish food pellet machine can produce 400-1000kg/h, also can use diesel engine or motor, mainly according to your need to match.

If you want to produce fish feed pellets, come and contact us quickly, and we will provide you with the best solution and quotation.