In feed production, it is crucial to operate the floating fish feed mill correctly. Taizy fish food pellet machine manufacturer pointed out that the correct operation steps can not only improve the production efficiency, but also ensure the production of high-quality feed pellets.

Taizy floating fish feed mill
Taizy floating fish feed mill

The specific steps are as follows:


Make sure the floating fish feed mill and the surrounding area are clean, and check whether the machine parts are firmly installed and whether the power connection is stable.


Put the required raw materials into the hopper of the fish food pellet machine, make sure the feeding is even and avoid over or under-feeding.

Starting the machine

Turn on the power and start the fish food pelletizer according to the instructions on the operation panel of the machine. Pay attention to checking whether the sound and vibration are normal when the machine is running.

Adjusting the parameters

Adjust the parameters of the fish food pellet mill according to the requirements of the feed to be produced, including particle size, pressure and other parameters.

Monitoring the production

During the production process, pay attention to observing the running status of the floating fish feed pellet mill to ensure that the pellet size and quality meet the requirements, and adjust the parameters if necessary.

Shutdown and cleaning

After the production, turn off the power of the fish food pellet machine in time, and clean and maintain the machine to prevent impurity residue and equipment damage, especially moulds.

Cleaning mold
cleaning mold

Regular inspection

Check the running condition of each part of the floating fish feed mill regularly, such as belt, bearing, etc., to make sure the equipment is in good condition.


By mastering the correct operating methods, you can operate your fish food pellet mill correctly and efficiently, and quickly produce higher quality and more responsive fish feed pellets.

Fish feed pellet
fish feed pellet