The new type DGP-80 fish feed pellet making machine has an integrated control cabinet, safer when using power. Besides, the fish feed machine’s appearance is very attractive. This fish feed making machine is very popular oversea, like in Ghana, Angola, Peru, Malaysia, etc.

Why did the Angolan customer buy the new-type fish feed pellet making machine?

This Angolan customer is a very well known local fish pond farmer and had previously imported the fish pellet mill to produce his own feed. As the machine was constantly being updated to meet the needs of the market and the customer, in order to improve the efficiency and taste of the feed, the Angolan customer, on seeing the new pellet mill, offered to buy one to see how the machine produced feed.

Large-scaled fish farming ponds
large-scaled fish farming ponds

How did the Angolan customer start to buy the fish feed machine by himself?

At first, the Angolan customer bought his feed from outside, thinking it would be more convenient and quicker. However, as the size of his fish pond continued to expand, the amount of fish feed needed every day increased, and the fish feed available in the market was uneven, so he decided to buy his own fish feed pellet making machine to produce feed. The raw materials are prepared by himself, and the feed produced can be more secure and safe.

Fish feed pellet making machine
fish feed pellet making machine

How about the fish feed pellet making machine price?

Taizy fish feed pellet machine price varies depending on the output of the machine, the configuration of the pellet mould, the choice of motor or diesel power, etc.