Taizy’s floating fish pellet mill can produce all types of feed pellets, but do you know what shapes of fish feed pellets can be produced? Why do you want to produce pellets in such shapes? What are the corresponding moulds? Follow us down the page.

Shapes of the fish feed pellets

Our fish food pellet machine can produce fish food pellets in a variety of shapes, the common round fish food pellets, and various other shapes such as plum, bone, diamond, cross, square and round, as shown in the diagram below. If you want to produce feed pellets in other shapes, we can also customise them for you.

There are various shapes of pellets that can be produced, so why is that? Read on to find out more.

Why produce the feed pellets in such shapes?


Everything has its own preferences, and animals are certainly among them. The various shapes of feed pellets attract more attention because of their appearance, making them more popular with fish, pets, and birds.

Not only are these fish feed pellets nutritious and excellent in taste, they are also attractive in appearance and are the first choice of many feed pellet manufacturers.

Moulds for producing various fish feed pellets

Since various shapes of feed are to be produced, the moulds to match these fish feed pellets are of paramount importance. The fish feed pellets that our moulds can produce φ1mm, φ1.5mm, φ2mm, φ3mm, φ3.5mm, φ4mm, φ5mm, φ6.8mm separately. If you want to produce different types of pellets, simply change the moulds. If there are special requirements, we will indicate this in the manual that comes with the machine. You can also ask our staff at any time.

Feed pellet moulds
feed pellet moulds