Many of the fish feed on the market today are floating fish pellets for a variety of fish species. So why produce floating feeds? Please listen to me tell you the benefits of floating feed.

1. Easy to observe the amount of fish eating when feeding

Because these floating fish pellets can float on the water surface and keep for at least 12 hours without soaking away, they can be well observed when fish or other aquatic species are eating.

Fish feeding
fish feeding

Even if there is no one at the time of feeding, you can observe the floating particles afterward, so you can know the feeding situation visually and clearly.

2. Floating fish pellets are made by high-temperature puffing

Materials by high temperature and high pressure effectively kill E. coli, Salmonella, and other harmful bacteria, to ensure the health of the feed.

Fish eating
fish eating

By high-temperature puffing, protein and starch paste are more easily absorbed by fish and livestock, and are conducive to digestion and absorption, improving the digestive utilization of nutrients.

3. The production of floating feed is suitable for a variety of aquatic species, pets

The floating fish food pellets produced by our Taizy fish food pellet mill can be used for aquatic species, pets, etc. Such as floating betta food, tilapia floating fish feed, floating koi pellets, floating catfish pellets, and floating fish food for trout. Refer to the following for more details:

4. Floating fish pellets are popular with fish and livestock

The floating fish food produced by our fish food pellet machine is available in various colors and shapes, which attracts the interest of fish and livestock and is loved by them without wasting feed.

Floating fish pellets
floating fish pellets

Not only that, the floating material is easy to digest for fish and livestock, and does not pollute the water.