With the rapid development of aquaculture in Nigeria, more and more farmers are paying attention to the fish feed extruder machine price in Nigeria.

In this article, we will explore the impact of fish farming in Nigeria on the price of fish feed pelleting machine and how to order fish feed pellet machine from Nigeria.

Fish feed extruder machine price in nigeria
fish feed extruder machine price in Nigeria

Impact of fish farming in Nigeria on fish feed extruder machine price

As one of the largest fish-consuming countries in Africa, Nigeria’s aquaculture industry has been maintaining a rapid growth momentum.

With the expanding scale of aquaculture, the demand for efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly feed processing equipment is also increasing, which in turn has an impact on fish food pellet machine price.

How about the floating fish feed machine price in Nigeria?

Currently, the price of fish feed pellet machine in Nigeria is relatively high, mainly due to the high tariff and transportation cost of imported equipment.

In addition, due to insufficient competition in the market, some suppliers also position their prices at a high level. However, with the intensification of market competition and the continuous improvement of domestic manufacturing technology, it is expected that the price of fish food pellet machine will gradually become reasonable.

Taizy, as a professional fish feed machine manufacturer and supplier, provides the machines with good price. We use the newest technology to reduce production costs, while guaranteeing the machine quality. Thus our fish feed extruder price in Nigeria is competitive. If interested, contact us now!

Floating fish feed plant manufacturer
floating fish feed plant manufacturer

How to order fish feed machine from Nigeria?

If you’re in Nigeria, and plan to start fish feed pellet production, how to buy Taizy fish feed extruder machine? Follow the below steps:

  1. Online contact and inquiry machine information
  2. Professional machine advice from our manager and learn more about machines
  3. Determine machine model and type and place order
  4. Sign the contract and pay the deposit
  5. Machine manufacturing and finish balance
  6. Package and deliver to your destination