Good news! One client from Azerbaijan bought a DGP-60 fish feed plant for his pet food business.

This customer originally intended to buy a fish food pellet production line, but still due to budgetary reasons, finally intended to buy a fish food pellet mill first to see the use of the situation. And he will continue to buy in the follow-up.

Demands of this Azerbaijani customer for the fish feed plant

The customer needed to produce pellets of 0.8mm size, a size with high demand but also more difficult. Therefore, the die of the fish food pellet machine is the key factor.

In order to be able to produce fish food pellets of 0.8mm size, this customer needed to purchase a die with high precision. Through continuous experiments and tests, we determined the best die size and design.

What changes will it bring to this customer’s business?

The purchase of fish food pellet machine will allow this Azerbaijani customer to produce and sell more pet feeds, thus expanding its business scope and market share.

The customer can customize different types of feeds according to market demand, attracting more consumers and increasing sales through quality and price advantages.

Floating fish feed machine PI for Azerbaijan

Fish feed plant pi
fish feed plant PI